Silver Entrepreneurs

Silver Entrepreneurs project is a 30-month adult education and entrepreneurship-building initiative designed to empower and equip silver-age persons (60+) with skills and confidence to develop their entrepreneurship projects and thus, remain socially and economically active. The project will implement a complex entrepreneurship simulation program with an individual approach to each participant.

Expected results

  • 80 silver age persons of Central Baltic region have completed a complex program of Smart Seniors Academy for Entrepreneurship
  • joint Central Baltic entrepreneurship training program (simulations) and materials
  • individual and collaborative entrepreneurship projects with implementation potential
  • involving at least 50 other organisations in project activities

The outputs will serve the benefit of seniors in CB countries, partner organisations, training and business support organisations,  national/ local authorities authorities committed to promote  entrepreneurship; employment, quality of life, Central Baltic region economy.

Duration 01.04.2023 - 30.09.2025

Total budget

Programme priority

Improved employment opportunities

Programme objective

PO6 - Improved employment opportunities on labour market

Lead partner

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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