The project aims to create practical solutions on how to improve inclusive education services into day-to-day education services and practices. Inclusion is a question of the values, philosophy of the educational institution, and the attitudes and lifestyle of the whole school community and the entire society. It involves everyone – both those who are included and those who include. An inclusive school is accessible to every child, accepting that each child is different; diversity is a resource. Inclusive education systems require changes at all levels of society to move to the next level of development. Both at the school level and the community level: teachers must be trained; the school building must be adapted; awareness of the society must be raised.

Expected results

With joint trainings we will strengthen the staff of our support teams thus improving the entire support system in educational institutions. Jointly developed and tested methodology will improve support system. Results will be complex – formed in an action that includes both knowledge of inclusive education issues and skills to deal with different life situations.

The availability of quality inclusive education services will be improved and the advanced multi-level support system and support team structure will be designed to improve quality and optimise teaching and learning for inclusive education service. The digital guidelines will be designed for practical solutions leading to improvement in day-to-day education services in partner countries, including flexible approaches that can be customised and adjusted for individual needs.

Duration 01.03.2023 - 31.08.2024

Total budget

Programme priority

Improved public services

Programme objective

PO7 - Improved public services and solutions for the citizens

Lead partner

Ventspils Education Board

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