Estonia, Latvia and Finland have good positions in exporting breeding materials and know-how outside the EU, as the Central-Baltic area has a leading role in animal breeding and reproduction in the whole of Europe. The „BreedExpo2“ project will focus on supporting the animal breeding and reproduction industry from the Central-Baltic area to enter into new markets- Uzbekistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan. The main products to be exported are breeding materials (semen, embryos), know-how in artificial insemination (AI) technology and related accessories/equipment.

Expected results

Thanks to international cooperation 6 companies from the industry achieve directly real sales in these markets and ca 50 farmers participate in the export of breeding animals in entrance phase.

The project plans to arrange:

  1. contact visits and to participate in most important agricultural exhibitions in target markets;
  2. roadshows of potential clients to our countries, incl. farm visits;
  3. training courses in AI-technology for the potential clients/animal husbandry specialists, and
  4. practical seminars and exchange of experience visits for SME’s from breeding and animal reproduction industries for improvement of their capacity required for successful export.

Project enables to move forward from the export of live animals to the next level in breeding industrie’s value chain.

Duration 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2025

Total budget

Programme priority

Innovative Business Development

Programme objective

PO1 - More exports by SMEs

Lead partner

The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce

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