The focus of this project aims not only at giving newcomers to the country an equal opportunity but supporting them in adapting in the workforce. It is the right of employees to have access to support to perform their best, and it is in the interest of employers, sectors, and countries in the region to provide that support as an integral part of the employment policies in both Finland and Estonia. It is essential that both countries have work environments that support international employees in achieving their full potential in the local working environment. The overall objective of this project is therefore to work together with organizations in Finland and Estonia that often hire the largest amount of migrant workers to understand what their current anti-discrimination policies are and how these can and need to be improved to support migrant workers in the current and future context of diversifying work forces.

Expected results

We assess employment trends and migrant workers’ needs in Estonia and Finland by interviewing migrants and collaborating with NGOs and businesses to understand and compare anti-discrimination policies. Following negotiations with businesses, we implement agreed-upon changes in organizational documents. The main output will be on working closely with organizations hiring migrants and refugees, as well as NGOs supporting migrants, to identify and implement necessary policy changes. These improvements will not only enhance organizational practices but also influence the broader business culture in Estonia, Finland, and the entire region. Migrants and refugees will receive crucial support, ensuring their skills match job opportunities, while organizations will benefit from streamlined access to an under-utilized workforce.

Duration 01.10.2023 - 31.03.2025

Total budget

Programme priority

Improved employment opportunities

Programme objective

PO6 - Improved employment opportunities on labour market

Lead partner

Arcada University of Applied Sciences

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