The Ce4Re project is about promoting the transition towards CE in the Central Baltic restaurant sector. The restaurant sector has an instrumental role in the shift towards CE as this asset-heavy sector has more significant environmental impacts than realised. The sector relies on huge quantities and flows of exhaustible natural resources. It is strongly interlinked with a complex ecosystem of multiple interconnected actors and value chains with the restaurant product as a key component of this system. Therefore, an important task for the years ahead is to find ways to increase the sustainability of food production and consumption, to reuse and reduce food waste in the restaurant sector.

Expected results

The Ce4Re project will promote the transition towards CE by developing joint, simply-to-use and low-cost circular solutions for restaurants as well as increasing their knowledge and skills in CE. The developed and interconnected solutions focus on three CE principles: Redesign, Reduce, Rethink. A Circular Menu Tool and a Waste Reduction Toolset will prevent large volumes of waste and increase profitability in restaurants. The EkoGo app, targeted to both restaurants and consumers, will promote circular restaurants in the region as the sector is also a gateway to make customers rethink their consumption of resources.

Feel free to download brochure about the project and leaflet for possible participants from Project Materials page.

Please visit project partners websites
The Center for Tourism Business Development (Finland)
Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia)
Ekomatcentrum (Sweden)
Pyhäjärvi-Instituutti (Finland)

Duration 01.09.2023 - 30.06.2026

Total budget

Programme priority

Improved environment and resource use

Programme objective

PO3 - Joint circular economy solutions

Lead partner

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

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