Interreg MUSTBE project.


Interreg MUSTBE project aims at improving the condition of the Baltic Sea by treating stormwater that reaches the sea by developing novel multi-benefit stormwater management systems. Within this project the partners aim to combine nature-based stormwater (NBS) solutions with digital solutions to maximize stormwater treatment efficacy and municipalities capacity to monitor the actual quality of the stormwater. In total 7 pilot sites will be set up in 4 countries. Cross-border co-operation will ensure the necessary technological innovation that is in focus within visioned stormwater solutions and ensure replication of the technological innovation on international level.

Expected results

Interreg MUSTBE will produce a new innovative multi-benefit stormwater systems that will combine stormwater treatment, stormwater exploitation and online monitoring of water quality. The developed multi-benefit smart NBS’s are expected to deliver pollutant removal efficiencies of at least 60% for suspended solids, 30% for total nitrogen, 60% for pathogens, 50% for oil products, and 40% for metals. Therefore project is expected to improve condition of the Baltic Sea. The project also aims at having more strategical impact by disseminating novel technological solutions created within this project.

Duration 01.05.2023 - 30.04.2026

Total budget

Programme priority

Improved environment and resource use

Programme objective

PO4 - Improved coastal and marine environment

Lead partner

Viimsi Municipality